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Local Content in Procurement
Creating local jobs and competitive domestic industries in supply chains
by Michael Warner
Not All Local Content Rules Are The Same
Local Content Regulation as a Differentiator for Inward Investment in Africa: The Case of Sierra Leone (2016) Local Content Solutions Ltd

Local Content Policies in the Oil and Gas Sector: (2013) World Bank Study by Tordo, S., Warner, M., Manzano, O., and Anouti, Y. View main report on-line » View Case-studies on-line.   
Local Content Policy in the Petroleum Sector in Tanzania: Core Issues, Expenditure Categories and Road Map V
Review of Public Policies, Legislation and Regulations Pertaining to the Formulation of a Local Content Policy in Tanzania in the Petroleum Sector
Do Local Content Regulations Drive National Competitiveness or Create a Pathway to Protectionism?
Unpacking the Myths and Metrics of Reporting Local Content View
The Rising Spectra of Protectionism in the Oil and Gas Supplier Market:: Implications for UK's Export-Led Growth View
Optimising Local Content: Modelling the Economic Impact of Local Content on Commercial Interests and Public Industrial Policy View pdf (0.5mb) »
Contract Tendering: Local Content in the Formulation of Invitations to Tender and Tender Evaluation for Major Contracts View pdf (5mb) »
Procurement Strategy: The Role of Procurement Strategy in Effective Local Content Management

LCS in the Press
Mining Weekly, 25th Nov 2011: Significant Drive Towards Increasing Local Content - a look at recent trends onlocal content in the mining and minerals sector.
IPQC, 30th July 2011: Michael Warner, Director of LCS, argues that the long-term 'rolling' capital expenditure characteristic of mining operations provides an under-exploited opportunity for leveraging local content, especially for domestic manufacturing.
Financial Times, 30th June 2011: Michael Warner, Director of LCS, argues that the challenge for the Brazilian Government is to "optimise" local content.
Africa Investor, March/April 2011: Michael Warner, Director of LCS aserts that local content regulations in public procurement across Africa can be either protectionist or a force for sustainable industrial development.
Local Content in Procurement:: Creating Local Jobs and Competitive Domestic Industies in Supply Chains, by Michael Warner, 2011, published by Greenleaf Publishing
Putting Partnerships to Work: Strategy Alliances for Development Between Government, the Private Sector and limit Society, Greenleaf Publishing. View book
Partnerships for Development: The New Broker, by Michael Warner, published Overseas Development Institute, 2010
Partnerships for Development: The New Broker: Beyond Agreement, by Michael Warner, published Overseas Development Institute, 2012
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"This book is a highly recommended first class guide by the foremost authority on the subject". Hon. Tam Brisibe, former Chairman, Committee of Petroleum Resources Upstream, House of Representatives, Nigeria
"..a must-read for those of us responsible for formulating local content policy and regulations". Elias A Kilembe, Local Content Coordinator, Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation
"A valuable book for all supply chain professionals living with local content challenges and opportunities... Keep it close to your desk" Simon Blamires, Regional Supply Chain Director, Africa, Newmont Mining, Ghana
"This clearly written book… should serve as a useful handbook to regulators and industry practitioners alike" Joe Leahy, Brazil Bureau Chief, Financial Times
"What we have learned from this book is allowing us …to obtain tangible information and contractual commitments from tenderers to support our local content business objectives" Dinah Quashie, Local Content Supervisor, Tullow Ghana Limited
Putting Partnerships to Work: Strategy Alliances for Development Between Government, the Private Sector and Civil Society
by Michael Warner
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Dr Warner 
talks about the importance of selecting and defining KPIs for Local Content in manufacturing
IQPC Local Content Summit