Local Content Solutions Ltd is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education (BAC) as a 'Short Course Provider'. A listing of LCS on the BAC Directory of accredited organisations can be found here: http://www.the-bac.org/accredited-institutions/directory.
Dr Michael Warner
Cyrille Putz
Director and Founder of Local Content Solutions Ltd,.  Former Local Content and Supply Chain Sustainability Manager for BG Group; former Co-ordinator for World Bank Business Partners for Development Programme, Extractive Industries; and former Research Fellow with Economic Group, Overseas Development Institute.   mwarner@localcontentsolutions.com
Associate to LCS.    Former Sustainable Development Manger in the Remote Sites Division of Universal Sodexho for five years, and specialist in SME/local suppliers business linkage programmes, agricultural supply chains, business incubation and workforce vocational training. cputz@localcontentsolutions.com
Stephen Haq
Director of Proacumen Ltd and strategic partner on LCS Reports  Proacumen specialises in the design of database systems via web browers.  The firm has a core team of softare developers and database experts, and has built systems for the health, regualatory and environmental engineering sectors. 
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